At this time in Buckley Road I was often asked to repair bicycles in my workshop and I loved doing this as when I had been at school I had learned how to completely strip down my bike and rebuild it with new gear ratios and parts. Here I had a workshop so it was quite easy to take on most repairs for the local children. Opposite our house lived a family of 4 children 2 boys and 2 girls aged from 2 to 18. Two of the boys were about 14 and 16 and their younger sister Tanya aged about 12 came to my house one day and announced that her 2 brothers were killing all the baby frogs in their garden and would I please help her to save them. I told her to collect as many tiny frogs as she could and put them into a plastic bag with some water, and ask her mum if we could take them to the nearby canal to be saved. Permission was duly granted and hopefully there is a new burgeoning family of frogs living in the Shropshire canal. When we put them into the water the tiny frogs swam straight to the bottom to explore their new home. They also appeared to be very pleased with themselves.