Alec Wortley's Pictures - Page 1

Alec Wortley's wife Nong at Dudley Zoo. Note the teddy bear patch on her jacket . This patch was put on to cover up a burn mark caused by a close encounter with a large soldering iron used in the workshop in the manufacture of cathodes. This close shave occurred when Nong was kindly engaged in bringing revitalising mugs of tea and biscuits to Paul and Alec in the workshop.

Alec Wortley and wife Nong at home in Thailand.

Alec Wortley's wife Nong at the carvery.

Dinner at home with Nong's family.

The family home of Alec Wortley's wife Nong.

Nong enjoying the food at her favourite restaurant.

Nong looking happy at the waterside.